Sunday Service

Our Sunday Services are typically livestreamed on Facebook and recordings are uploaded to YouTube.

During our service, our choir sings an anthem from August through May. You can listen to recordings of a selection of our anthems here: Google Drive.

Children Worship & Wonder

CW&W is faith formation worship centered approach that focuses on worship and emphasizes storytelling, ritual, and fellowship. The service begins as the children enter a designated worship space, where they are welcomed by a storyteller. The storyteller leads the children in singing and praise. Next, the children engage in a storytelling session, where they experience one of God’s stories using multi-sensory materials. Once the story concludes, the children are encouraged to ponder and explore its deeper meaning through “wondering questions” and by listening for God’s guidance. After that, the children respond to the story in a manner of their own choosing. They may use story materials to retell a Bible story that they have heard, engage in artistic expression through crafts or art, or work on a puzzle. These response activities enable them to express and nurture their personal relationship with God. After their work, the children gather in a circle. The storyteller lights the Christ candle and points out the Bible passage corresponding to the day’s story. As a community, they engage in prayer and enjoy a feast. As they leave, the children participate in the last part of worship which is the sending out of God’s people into the world. Each child will be given a special blessing by the storyteller as they leave to be God’s disciples in their homes, schools, and activities.

For more information, please visit: Children Worship and Wonder

Taizé Service

We have a Taizé Service on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm.

Taizé is an evening prayer service that welcomes individuals from various Christian denominations. It embodies a humble and reflective style of worship, urging us to recognize the presence of Christ both within and around us. The service features simple hymns, chants, moments of contemplative silence, and brief readings, all in the gentle glow of candlelight. It serves as an opportunity to retreat and find respite in the simplicity of God’s teachings.

Taizé represents a form of Christian prayer derived from the inclusive Christian community located in Taizé, France. Today the Taizé community includes brothers from all Christian denominations, including Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions.

ECC Sanctuary during Taizé service