When You Visit ECC

Erlanger Christian Church sanctuary window

A first visit to ECC may help you see:
There are many multi-generational families who are members!
There are families with young children!
There are single individuals!
Attending a worship service you will notice:
People are welcoming!
The worship style is mostly traditional. (BULLETIN LINK/ATTACHMENT)
Men, women, and youth regularly participate in the worship service.
Most dress casual. Some dress more formally
Some children go to the nursery!
Some children go to Worship and Wonder following the Children’s Moment.
Some children stay their families!
Most teenagers gravitate to the balcony!
The choir is wonderful!
There is usually at least one joke in the sermon
The sermon typically is 12-15 minutes

Communion is a focal point of the highlight of the service. Communion is open:
“All are invited to share in the Lord’s Supper by Jesus Christ, whose presence we celebrate at the table.”