Church Building & Property Information

Erlanger Christian Church has many committees that are tasked with keeping the ministry of our church alive and well! The Property Committee keeps our physical church building and property in the best shape possible!

To keep our congregation up to date about the various projects we are working on or have completed, this page will help describe the running ‘to-do’ list of this committee.

Outside fellowship hall on the top step, the end cap is off and we’re hoping to solve this problem by Easter Sunday!

We are working on the history of the repairs that have been made on the building.  Having a history will help us plan for the future as big ticket items need to be replaced.

We are working on a church safety plan.  It is important for everyone in the congregation to know what to do in case of an emergency!

Our Sanctuary continues to age and the walls and ceiling are showing evidence of this… we are watching any cracks or spaces carefully and will determine the best treatment for them!

We’re looking into fixing the wireless modem in the sanctuary

The sidewalk to the parking lot drainage needs to be fixed.  We are currently working with someone on this project.

We’re looking into and saving money for a new sound system.

There are 7 iron fittings on the boiler are rusted and will be replaced this summer.